Trimming Your Beard is an Art Form, Not a Speed Test


When I was younger, I didn’t know any better. I thought you just grab a trimmer, cut it all to one length with one or two different trimmer guards and move on. While I know this is still a very common practice among most guys, there really is an art form to how you should go about trimming your beard. While I usually make a recommendation of going out and getting a beard grooming kit one of the first things to do when getting a beard, I also suggest knowing what look you’re after. Taking the time to look at other beard photos can teach you how to trim your beard properly and can really help you.

For example. You don’t want to trim your beard all the same length, as the sides of your face compared to the hairs around your chin mold the shape of your head. To have hair as long on the side of your face the same size as the hair around your chin will make your face look round. You’re not doing yourself any favors by scalping your beard this way.

A better beard style is to let the hair around your chin grow long, and use a beard trimmer to keep the hairs along your cheeks short, but not short enough that you see patchy skin.

Here are 8 tips I would give anyone looking to trim their own beard

  1. Search Google Images for the Beard You’d Love to Have – May sound weird to take the time to study the looks and styles of how guys beards, but it’s hard to carve a beard without knowing what you’re trying to do. Once you have a beard in mind, you can mimic the shape by comparing to the photo.
  2. Rely on a Good Beard Trimmer- I found my beard Trimmer after reading and comparing prices at Beard Manly, they have a cool breakdown or combs and trimmers to read over. Once you have a great trimmer with lots of guards, keep them clean and in good shape.
  3. Learn From the different Guard Lengths – Start with a larger guard and work your way down. Learn what guard works where.
  4. Never Trim Your Beard Wet- Always trim your beard before a shower, not after. Once a beard is wet your trimming you’ll screw it up as the lengths will be all wrong and it’ll dry to look different.
  5. Take Your Time- This shouldn’t be a 5 min job. A great trim will last weeks, so take the time to get it right.
  6. Learn from YouTube Videos – It’s hard to compare all beards to yours, but there are some pretty Good videos you can watch that will help you with where to start and how to shape your beard. It’s not all common sense.
  7. Use Beard Products – You don’t need to invest too much, but having a good Beard Grooming Kit would be a smart investment.
  8. Eat Well – You are what you eat. If you eat greasy foods or drink a lot of soda, the sugars and salts will come out in your skin and beards.

Hope these tips could help