How Is Beard Shampoo Different Than Your Regular Shampoo ?

Beard ShampooA lot of guys think Beard Shampoo and regular shampoo are the same things. Like someone is sticking the same crap into bottles and just changing the label. Things couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting lazy about the grooming process is a very common problem with guys. Most dude just buys the cheapest crap possible as they don’t want to be considered high maintenance. I get it, but there is really a big different here.

A critical distinction about beard shampoo when compared to the same shampoo that you may use on your head is that beard shampoo is designed specifically for your facial hairs.

Regular off the generic shelf shampoo strips away all of that oil making your hair on your head not appear shiny or stuck together.

This is why your hair, nor anyone else’s, ever appeared oily or greasy!

But why? Simple answer: Sebum oil!

At the root of each one of your hair follicles, there are these glands called sebaceous glands. As your hair grows, these glands excrete a finite amount of oil:

sebaceous glands produce sebum oil

Since sebaceous glands are limited in size – you can only produce so much sebum oil within a day.

When it comes to your beard – you need all the oils you can get in it. Otherwise, your beard will be dry, frizzled out, and very susceptible to breakage and split ends.

No man with self-respect wants to have their beard look like a Brillo pad.

This is in fact why you would use a beard oil or balm in the first place!

How do beard shampoos factor into the equation?

Beard shampoos are designed not to use the harmful chemicals that strip out your natural sebum oils.

Therefore, beard shampoo effectively gets your beard clean without stripping out the good stuff.

Don’t worry, though – since your beard is being washed – it’s not going to look matted down and unappealing.

Beard shampoo keeps in just enough of the healthy oils that you will look your absolute best.

So do yourself a favor and stop using that old bottle of generic shampoo and swap it out for a beard shampoo.

When you introduce beard shampoo into your regular routine, you will likely see a much healthier beard and also probably a decrease amounting to beard oil or balm used on a daily basis.

How Often Should You Wash Your Beard
Even with generic regular old shampoo – there has been much discussion on how often you should even be washing your hair in the first place.

Per the experts, as a good middle ground, you will want to wash the hair on your head once every couple of days.

When it comes to beard shampoo, you should follow the same routine as your hair.

A recommended guideline would be to wash your head one day and your beard the next. Continue to alternate on an every other day basis.

While beard shampoo keeps your natural sebum oil, there is no real point in washing it every day as you will only be wasting both your time and money.